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Our Driving School is authorized by ICBC to administer the road driving test for teens and adults 18 years or over.

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Class 5 Driver Licence

  1. After you have held your N licence for at least 2 years (24 consecutive months) without a driving prohibition, you may take the class 5 road test.
  2. Passing this road test means you exit the Graduated Licensing Program and get your Full-Privileged driver’s licence.
  3. The road test takes about 1 hour.
  4. ICBC fee for class 5 road test is $50.00 and if you passed the road test, $17.00 for the new licence.
  5. If you failed class 5 road test then you have to wait for:
    • 15 days for 1st time
    • 30 days for 2nd time
    • 2 months for 3rd time
  6. Road test fee will be charged every time you take it.

(For more information on ICBC requirements and updated information, please contact the ICBC)

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